Sunday, August 14, 2016

Joo Hooi Cafe - A Kopitiam Where You Can Have Penang Char Kway Teow, Fried Oyster & Chee Cheong Fun to Complement the Famous Chendol Next Door @ Penang [Malaysia]

Yesterday, i blogged on a famous teochew chendul in Penang and shared within the post that you can be seated in the coffeeshop behind the street stall; we did as per aforementioned although the uncertainty of whether we would be chased out resulted in us ordering more food from within the cafe as well.

First thing you do right after you get a table; grab the guys wearing the green tees (as shown above) and let him know the bowls of chendul you want! No queue is required; how nice!

The coffeeshop looked like it could do with a major overhaul although it continued to exude an old-school charm like many other shophouses in Penang. 

First stall i ordered from; Penang Road Famous Chao Kuey Teow (檳榔路仁哥炒粿条). Possibly the most famous food in Penang, i am aware of its differences from the sweet and dark version we have in Singapore.

There's another difference; the use of duck eggs in the frying of the noodles! The price for chao kway teow with duck egg was the highest at RM 6.50 but my heart was set on it!

Wait for the noodles was more than 20 minutes! 

Lightly coloured unlike its Singapore cousin, this plate of Penang char kway teow was rather bland in flavour in the beginning. The taste got richer as i dug in further even though i attributed it to the use duck egg. 

Second stall; Famous Kah Kah Fried Oyster (嘉嘉蠔煎).

Clumpy, gooey with no crispy element and on the saltier side, this plate clearly didn't impress! I could only thank myself for opting the small portion as i am a huge fan of fried oyster! 

To be fair, the oysters were cooked well and there wasn't a trace of that yucky taste. Yes, i belong to the weird group that would order fried oyster yet hope we would be given more eggs, less oyster. 

Last stall; Penang Road Famous Ah Chia Ko (檳榔路驰名阿正哥). See how the word famous was blatantly used in all three stalls!

Ah Chia Ko offered the above items and i narrowed down my selection to either chee cheong fun or popiah. On second thought, Alex loves chee cheong fun; hence, i stood a higher chance of him helping me share the calories. 

Smooth chee cheong fun topped with aromatic sesame seeds and fried shallots, this was extremely addictive. The only issue was the sauce which was cloyingly sweet and you may want to taking a sparing amount to prevent sweetness overdose! 


475, Jalan Penang, George Town, 
10450 George Town, Pulau Pinang, 

As above

Chao Kuay Teow - RM 6.50
Fried Oyster - RM 10.00
Chee Cheong Fun - RM 2.80

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