Thursday, September 01, 2016

Rainbow Ice Ball (彩虹冰球) along Armenian Street @ Penang Island [Malaysia]

I was 10 when i had my first ice ball and since then, i didn't touch a single one as it was a huge challenge trying to eat as much as you could before it melted away. 

26 years later, i chanced upon this ice ball shop along a street in Penang that was renowned for its street art and was captivated by pictures of the rainbow ice ball. I was apprehensive but i figured that with a much bigger mouth, i might be in a better position to enjoy the dessert that was popular in my parents' childhood.

For a moment, i was thinking if the lady had gotten my order wrong as the last ice ball i had wasn't prepared in a bowl! Nevertheless, i had no issue accepting chendol or ice kacang if that's what's in her mind.

I worried too much; to make the ice ball, she cupped two bowls of ice together and with a fast stroke, the ice ball was ready to be dressed. 

You are free to choose three flavours (each in their signature colour) and i couldn't quite remember what i selected except that the purple grape was one of them.

Ta-dah! In all simplicity, this was just ice with sweetened flavoured syrup yet in the hot, sunny weather i had to endure that day; happiness enveloped me as i slowly chipped off the compact ice! So shiok! With two sticks sticking out and a square, plastic bowl to hold the melted ice, eating it was so much easier! 


Along Lebuh Armenian,
Penang Island, Malaysia

Ice Ball - RM 2.50

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