Monday, August 22, 2016

Jiaqi Birdnest (佳褀燕窝) with Snow Lotus Seeds @ Red Garden Food Paradise [Penang]

The quarter serving pipa duck rice should be sufficient for dinner, especially when i am not a big fan of carbohydrate-heavy meal for dinner! Alas, i happened to walk past the above stall and the word "birdnest" gained my immediate attention.

With a large poster board touting the nutritional benefits of birdnest and the display of ingredients used in combination with the swallows' saliva, my only interest was just to find out if the birdnest here would be worth the money! 

Birdnest with Snow Lotus Seeds
There were four types to choose from; birdnest with american ginseng and rock sugar, birdnest with ginger brown sugar, birdnest with snow lotus seed, birdnest with longan and red dates. I went with lotus seed (small) as the first option was unavailable!

Supposed to be served chill i think, this wasn't cold enough and the taste would likely appeal to those who prefer bird nest desserts to be less sweet. Sadly, not sweet enough for me even though there were generous strips of bird nest in the soup. 

Another disappointment was the bitter snow lotus seeds which worsen the situation of a less than desired flavour. And why were there quail eggs?! They do well in sweet soup that my mom would prepare during the Chinese New Year but in this case, the egg yolk had the tendency to overwhelm rather than complement / improve the taste! 


Location 20, Lebuh Leith, George Town, 
Red Garden Food Paradise, 10000 George Town, 
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia 


As above (close to Bayview Hotel Georgetown and next to the famous blue mansion, also known as the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion).

As above

Birdnest with Snow Lotus Seeds (S) - RM 38 a bowl.

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