Sunday, August 28, 2016

Shinise Cafe & Bistro @ Lebuh Melayu (Opposite the Ghost Musuem) [Penang, Malaysia]

With creeping plants covering more than half the facade of the above shop house, i would have likely given this a miss if not for the group of female friends who didn't want to join us at the interesting Ghost Museum

It's a cafe cum bistro and the whole lot of them were holed inside; ordering drinks and taking advantage of the air conditioning and free wifi while waiting for us! 

There was a luxury of space, unlike Singapore's cafes which tend to bulk up on chairs / tables given the exorbitant high rent, with splashes of colours to adorn the paint-cracked walls. 

I was thirsty and opted for a cold drink (ice lemon tea) at RM 9.90 instead of coffee. It suddenly dawned on me that i am paying more than S$3 for a glass of ice lemon tea and it didn't taste exceptional. To be fair to the establishment, their all-day breakfast was only RM 18.90. 

Sad that they didn't have any more cakes even though we didn't have the time to slowly savour any desserts! The bunch of us was famished as it was already dinnertime. 

After the visit to Ghost Museum, i thought this toilet had quite an eerie, sinister feel. Thank god no hand appeared at the toilet bowl! 

Those who visit the Ghost Museum might want to have a meal at the quaint Shinise Cafe & Bistro since it was just right opposite. For your benefit, please refer to the menu as above; no tax and no service charge! 


62, Lebuh Melayu,
George Town 10100,
Penang, Malaysia

Location Map
As above. 

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