Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Rainbow Cupcakes from Kasie Again!

Kasie must have read the comments for her rainbow cupcakes on my blog, with specific attention on the following sentence: "granted the vibrant colour doughs were not as perfectly layered as the ones i saw".

Why did i say so?

She recently asked her sister to send me another batch of homemade rainbow cupcake! Guess this is her subtle way of proving her competitive streak and that nothing will stop her to perfect the rainbow layers.

To be honest, the layers were more distinct this time although she should have decorated the top with delicious buttery cream! Nonetheless, it was still pleasant of her (and that of Karen) to take the trouble to courier this over.

I could not help but feel nostalgic when i took a big bite; it was like a zesty tasting traditional Chinese steamed egg cake (雞蛋糕). Not that i am complaining as the standard was actually pretty good for a 雞蛋糕!

Kasie, if you are reading this, keep the cupcakes coming!

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