Saturday, February 04, 2012

Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice (传统海南鸡饭) @ Redhill Lane Block 85 Food Centre

Don't get me wrong - the subject title merely refers to the name of the stall i patronised and may or may not attest to the authenticity of Singaporeans' beloved local dish.

At the very least, i was comforted by the queue of around five persons.

To be honest, i don't find this plate of roast chicken rice exceptionally good (too dry, not oily and not fragrant enough) although this doesn't answer the basic question on authenticity [note: Hainanese chicken rice is always referred as the steamed version] which is a damn tricky subject in the first place.

However, for S$2.50, i can confirm that this is a damn worth it meal with thick, chunky pieces of chicken meat! Other than that, i prefer my roast chicken rice from Eng Kee.


Block 85, Redhill Lane, #01-46,
Redhill Lane Block 85 Food Centre
(Walking distance from Redhill MRT station)

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