Tuesday, February 14, 2012

XO Crab Bee Hoon (螃蟹米粉) & Claypot Beancurd - Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee (香港街珍达记) @ Balestier Road

Both mom and i have been craving for a particular dish for the past few months.

A rainy day on the 2nd February 2012 made it especially unbearable and mom suggested satisfying the craving at this non air-conditioned restaurant along Balestier Road.

It was already past lunch hour but as you can see, the restaurant (visually, it looks more like a coffee shop) still managed to pull in a crowd. Compared to mom who has patronised the place countless times; this is merely my second visit.

Without further delay, let's makan!

Claypot Beancurd
Amazingly, this dish packed in quite a lot of ingredients - i was expecting 90% beancurd, 5% vegetables and 5% meat! Mixed claypot sounds more acceptable.

This was tasty, particularly when it was piping hot although i would strongly recommend having a bowl of plain rice to go with its thick, savoury sauce.

XO Crab Bee Hoon
The dish that will appease the evil craving!

Unlike the milky crab bee hoon favoured by most Singaporeans, this XO crab bee hoon had a clearer, thinner broth and came with an alcoholic kick, as its name suggests. Personally, i prefer the milky version (which can be added upon request) with no cognac and no cabbage!

What caught me by surprise was actually the succulent crab meat! I am not sure if the XO had a part to play but the crab tasted extremely fresh and sweet.



412, Balestier Road

As above.
You may also look out for the above building.

Operating Hours
11am to 4.30 pm and
5pm to 11pm

XO Crab Bee Hoon - S$34.00
Claypot Beancurd - S$9.00
Subject to GST only. 

Additional Information
4D punters would love the wet tissue issued as each pack comes with their own lucky number!

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