Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Last Day of Chinese New Year - Counting Ang Pow Money (红包钱)!

Yesterday was the last day of festive celebration for Chinese New Year (CNY). Unlike most people who could not wait to tear open their red packets, i would endure until the 15th day of CNY.

The reasons are simple - red packets are meant to be blessings from givers and to compare how much (S$2, S$10, S$50 etc) is tucked tightly in the ang pow given by individuals is simply disrespectful.

Therefore, i decided a few years back to keep the red packets unopened until the end of CNY. Given my fleeting memory, it's quite impossible for me to remember who gave what.

I am actually more interested in the design of these good luck packets. Like the above that shows a festive scene of innocent happiness amongst children.

This one came from DBS, the biggest bank in Singapore. It's customary for banks to freely issue new packs of red packets to customers during this period since they are the biggest holder of wealth. Customers, on their part, put the banks' goodwill on the competitive platform by judging which bank offers the best design and vice versa.

Even shopping centres have recently jumped onto the bandwagon of giving new red packets to customers who spend a minimum sum with their retailers! I was reminded numerous times by dearest mommy whenever she knew i am going for shopping.

Anyway, my total collection from red packets stands at S$463 this dragon year! It may seem like a yearly windfall but i have been trained since young to return the main bulk to my parents.

In the past, my mom will deposit the money into my savings bank account although nowadays, i would give it back as i understand that their expenses on red packets can be astonishing!

On a lighter note, the last day of CNY also means i can finally resolve an irritation - plucking and shaving my unsightly stubble!


  1. Karen Au10:07 AM

    You may not remember all of who gave which but I am very sure you will know which one is from me.... ;)

  2. of course! Hahahaha, since i don't have fate with Toto, i shall bank my hopes in Singapore Sweep! :P