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Taking a Daytime Ride on Singapore Cable Car @ The Jewel Box [Mount Faber], Singapore

Instead of parking my car at Sentosa for Sentosa Flowers 2012, i was kind of persuaded by my dad to take a much longer route using the jewel cable car from Mount Faber.

Reason? His last visit was more than 32 years ago! Back then, there was no jewel box and the door to the cable cars required attendants to manually open and close it.

As time was limited, i decided to pay a flat S$5 fee for the valet at The Jewel Box to park my red-plate car. Bloody wrong move!! I was under the impression that a round trip cable car ride would cost at most S$15 per person.

Wrong; it was an exorbitant S$26 for one adult!!! While signing the S$52 bill on the credit card slip, i could not help but lament it would have cost me less than S$20 in total to drive and park my car in Sentosa. Heart pain ah!!!

This informative panel would have made for an interesting read if i am not rushing for Sentosa Flowers 2012. It was already coming to four in the afternoon when i arrived at The Jewel Box!

The almost black cabins; a big contrast from its bright solid hues before the major renovation in year 2009. By the way, don't expect it to be air-conditioned even though each ticket was S$26 per pax! Despite the shortcomings, i was determined to make the most out of the ride.

Here we go!

Cable car systems in the world usually serve a very simple purpose; an aerial view of the surroundings. At 93 meters above sea level, the jewel box station (aka as mount faber station) is the highest point for the ride.

To the right, you can clearly see the public housing that almost 80% of Singaporeans reside in and further away at the horizon, you can catch glimpses of the Pasir Panjang wharves.

To the left is Singapore's largest shopping centre, Vivocity and the Sentosa Boardwalk that connects the leisure island with mainland Singapore.

Beneath is of course the lush greenery of Mount Faber. There was even a huge and unknown colonial house located in the midst of nowhere. The picture sure doesn't look like it was taken in Singapore!

The scene changed as the cabin proceeded along its predetermined path. In this photograph, try to spot Marina at Keppel Bay (hint: the bridge) and Pulau Bukom, the oil refinery hub of our country.

Dad seemed to enjoy the ride. Guess he was recollecting his memories of the same journey thirty years ago and comparing the massive changes over the years.

Time to enter the Harbourfront cable station. Visitors will normally embark from this station as it is conveniently located near the Harbourfront MRT station.

Reflections at Keppel Bay - a luxury condominium that challenges to change the visual landscape in the area upon its completion.

Thirty years ago, such a close up view of a cruise ship along the cable car ride would have sent shudders down many people's spine. Read here for more information.

Tower 2; a cable car tower that is situated on Sentosa Island. Or was it not? In the past, the land on which the tower stood was an island separated from Sentosa. Fondly known as Sarong Island, you may click here to read further on its glorious past.

Resort World Sentosa (RWS) is undeniably attracting a lot of visitors due its casino and the world renowned Universal Studios theme park. In the future, it would also be the seat of the world's largest oceanarium.

Frankly, i was ecstatic to see this! Known as Equarius Water Park, i have no idea RWS is building a water theme park given the failure of Fantasy Island back in the 90s.

About to reach the Sentosa cable station where you would be blessed with an impressive view of Sentosa and a sea dotted with tankers, ships and boats. In a clear day, you might even be able to see the island of Batam in Indonesia.

Spa Villas - i would really, really love to stay here!!!

Last view before we officially entered the island to begin our journey or Sentosa Flowers 2012. Interested to know more about my review of this flora event? Click here.

After two and a half hours of happy clicking, it's time to join the queue and board the cable car again for our return trip to jewel box cable station.

Saying goodbye to RWS and making a point to stay in any of its iconic hotels in the near future! Miser me would always prefer to spend the money on an OVERSEAS trip to Batam. Damn.

I have always enjoyed this panoramic picture of the central business district and Singapore's shipping precinct, the very basis of our existence. Sir Stamford Raffles chose Singapore as a strategic trading post due to our deep harbour and after almost 200 years, i would say he must be proud of his decision.

The wavy design of the Reflections at Keppel Bay often attracts the curiousity of visitors who see it. And for an avid photographer, it's a must-take!

West Coast Highway; the best way to travel to the city or the East side of Singapore from my workplace provided there is no jam at the end of the highway. If there is, you are screwed for a distance as long as 11 kilometers.

Tower 1; at that time, i could not to wait to get off as i received a phone call from phone that relatives were on their way to visit our house for Chinese New Year!

In case you are wondering why the term "jewel cable car" is used, you may wish to take a look at the cable cars at night. Each cabin has small white lights installed outside its metallic cover that glitter like stars or jewels.

Should i incur another hefty expenditure to experience the night time?


For more information on directions, operating hours, charges and attractive promotions for the Cable Car, please visit

Additional Information
I purposely left out this last portion of Sentosa Flowers 2012 in my post since many visitors would not consider incurring extra cost to travel to The Jewel Box.

Themed as Dragon Gate Inn, cable car riders would be granted a complimentary cup of Chinese tea while enjoying the special set up in celebration of the lunar year.

Personally, the overall atmosphere was pretty good although in terms of flowers, i don't see how uniquely different they are from those i see in nurseries.

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