Sunday, February 19, 2012

Set Dinner @ Sun Moon Restaurant [Bintan Agro Beach Resort]

A complimentary set dinner was thrown in as part of the Bintan deal i purchased via and the venue is not within Bintan Cabana!

Not that i am complaining since this arrangement did "force" me to give its sister resort a try; it makes absolute business sense since Bintan Agro has a lot of chargeable activities.

Located on a small island linked only by a wooden bridge, Sun Moon restaurant gave the impression that it was a romantic place with flickering candlelights and shimmering crystal chandeliers.

Zinc roof, simple wooden table, 80s banquet chairs, non air-conditioned - reality may be disappointing but in Cavin's book of food philosophies, decor is not the main priority.

What's the point of paying top dollar in a splendidly decorated restaurant when you know there is a chance to get pathetic or even average tasting food? I might as well use the money for hawker food!

Here comes my set dinner, starting with a basket of spiced peanuts! I gave this a miss since i have never enjoyed taking such calories laden stuff when 'real' food is on the way.

The soup was a simple mix of seafood, vegetables and chicken but was a warm joy to have without being too savoury.

My main course that looked like it could barely satisfy my growling stomach! Maybe that's the reason for the bigger bowl of soup!

Size notwithstanding, these sambal kangkong were great - each stalk had a fresh crunch to it and the infusion of fragrant prawn chilli paste was so deeply set; it put the rest of sambal kangkong in Singapore to shame!

This tiny portion of chicken was equally memorable - each piece was smeared with a marination unlike the Indonesian panggang sold in Singapore. However, despite the meatier and drier meat, the added smokiness enhanced the overall flavour!

If not for my diet plan, i could have bloody ordered one whole chicken to slowly appreciate the dish!


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