Monday, February 20, 2012

White Sand Island (Pulau Beralas Pasir) Tour @ Bintan, Indonesia

Snorkeling is sadly out of the question for my recent Bintan trip due to the supposedly bad water visibility.

However, i was persuaded by a few newly made friends (especially Summer Ding) to join them in this white island tour that cost me S$20 and lasted not more than an hour!

A boat is necessary to ferry us across to the island. As you would have probably noticed, the weather was gloomy with strong wind; a far cry from the day before.

Interior of the boat - there was another seating section on an upper level (open-air) but if you hate to have seawater slashing your face, that's not the place for you.

White Sand Island is the one on the right. There is another island tour to Mapur which is a bigger island further away. According to sources on google, it is a great place for snorkeling!

The first thought that shot through my brain when i stepped foot onto White Sand Island - this looked familiar! It's almost similar to the Bamboo Island at Krabi albeit a dirtier version.

Unlike Bamboo Island, White Sand has an elongated shape with areas that are inaccessible unless you are prepared to cut through wild vegetation.

Piles of dead corals.

Small little huts providing covered protection for your belongings in case it rains.

The weather, as you can see, remained bad and rain pelted on us on a few occasions. Although the sea had an emerald sheen to it, the furious waves were adamant in getting us wet! I didn't want to get into the water as the wind was sooo chilly!

A wooden jetty that would be a fabulous backdrop for pictures when the sky is clearer.

Be careful though; it was quite rickety and had nails protruding out. Parental guidance is required for children!

Food and drinks are available in this straw hut with outdoor seating.

Maybe it is the weather, maybe it is the mood, maybe it is the short duration on the island but i didn't particularly enjoy the island. I guess the pleasant time i have in Krabi was too memorable.

To be honest, the bad weather should be the main reason.

Departing from White Sand Island was an ordeal - the bloody boat has no ladder and we had to rely on the above method to get onto the boat!

Having said that, the method wasn't that helpful and pushing was eventually the way to adopt! As my left wrist could not withstand the strain of lifting myself, i was one of the few who were pushed up the boat.

Damn the wrist!

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