Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nerf Vortex Proton (Quick-Fire Disc Blaster) - Be A [FAILED] Assassin!

Within the Gang of Four, Alex is undeniably the little boy in the group. His child-like [aka childish] antics and innocent [aka immature] thinking set him widely apart from other friends of the same age!

Let me give you a recent incident that took place over Chinese New Year.

His recent nonsensical purchase was this new range of nerf guns known as vortex that features flat disc bullets with a longer shooting range.

It would be fine if he uses it in the comfort of his own home but knowing Alex, you never know what to expect from that ratty brain of his.

He made up his mind to assassinate Vanessa in her house!

The surprise element is primary to his success and he was extremely careful to ensure that no one sees, nor hears him in the bright daylight. Of course, he did demand i take pictures as evidence.

As he reached the main door with the vortex proton in position, the fool neglected to press the doorbell (the realisation hit him after a few seconds)! So much for careful planning!

Vanessa finally opened the door; shocked to find the vortex's tip pointed directly at her face.

She ran off in fright, leaving Alex dumbfounded.
That bloody ass forgot to pull the trigger!

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