Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shokudo Japanese Coffee House - Main Meals @ Bugis Junction

I have wanted to try Shokudo for a long time but feedback from friends and family members have, to a large margin, skewed towards the negative side when the coffee house first started operation at Cineleisure Orchard.

However, i jumped at the opportunity when my ex-colleague, Jenny, suggested dining at Shokudo for our once-in-a-blue-moon meet up! Even if the food is bad, at least i can state with conviction when people ask me for my opinion.

To play safe, we only ordered items that were tagged "Must Try", "Oishii" or "Signature" on the menu.

Tonkatsu Curry Omu Rice
Jenny recommended this for the very good omu rice!

I did enjoy the quivering omelette and the curry which was almost similar to the weird rendition i like for my roti prata; curry mixed with sugar. The deep fried pork loin was however too tough for my liking.

Chicken Chop with Wasabi Mayonnaise
Fusion food is either a hit or a miss. At times, people might think it tastes not too bad but the whole combination is just too bizarre.

This Western style chicken chop had a really tender bite although it would not have been comparable to the one in Bedok hawker centre if not for the spicy-sweet wasabi mayonnaise!

Kari Kari Tako Yaki
One word - normal. Give me the ones from Takashimaya basement two anytime!

Hakodate Seafood Cheese Pizza
Featuring ultra thin crust, this seafood pizza was the hot favourite!

It's extremely satisfying to see how far the cheese will stretch. Such things aside, each bite was filled with the goodness of scallops, prawns, salmon, crab meat and squid!


200 Victoria Street,
#01-53, Bugis Junction

Tonkatsu Curry Omu Rice - S$14.80
Chicken Chop with Wasabi Mayonnaise - S$14.80
Kari Kari Tako Yaki - S$3.80
Hakodate Seafood Cheese Pizza - S$12.80

Subject to GST and Service Charge

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