Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar - Chocolate Indulgence @ Vivocity (Singapore)

First and foremost, i would have to make an honest declaration; i am not a 'chocolate' person and could not differentiate (beyond the visual) between a bar of chocolate that costs S$4.00 with chocolate that costs S$4.00 a small piece. 

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar - given the above statement and the not very wallet-friendly pricing, i doubt i will ever step into its vicinity. But i did, on the advice of the Kon-Tan couple!

We would have ordered some of their famous (and expensive) chocolate desserts if not for the multiple meals we had before reaching Vivocity! Drinks were much preferred to fill up the gaps in our stomachs.

Chocolate Granita
(Raspberry Flavour)
This is called an Alice Cup and the hint lies with the words "drink me". Go figure it out while i continued with my review; the raspberry goes better with coffee than chocolate frappe. Period.

Suckao Hot Chocolate
(Dark Chocolate)
Despite its pretty vulgar tag, this is one hot chocolate Alex will egg for. The bitter aftertaste of thick chocolate was overpowering yet strangely addictive!

Choco-Pops Hot Chocolate
(Milk Chocolate)
Like Suckao, the hot chocolate was dispensed into this weirdly shaped mug affectionately known as hugmug.

Under the cold air-conditioning in Vivocity, i felt especially comfortable holding (or hugging) this mug using both my palms and drinking its content like i am in a country with temperature perpetually below 5 degrees celcius!

By the way, i totally enjoyed the creaminess of the milk chocolate and crunchiness of tiny chocolate wafer balls. Would i ever step in again? I seriously might.


1 HarbourFront Walk,
#01-116 (VivoCity)

Chocolate Granita - S$11.40
Suckao Hot Chocolate - S$7.90
Choco-Pops Hot Chocolate - S$7.50

Subject to GST and Service Charge (i think).
Thanks Ms Tan for the drinks!

Additional Information
A small retail section is available and besides chocolate related stuff, hugmugs are also for sale!

'Outdoor' seating is located outside the bar but within the shopping centre. You may consider this option should you love to watch people (or merely to show other shoppers that you could jolly afford Max Brenner).

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