Thursday, October 12, 2017

Takezo Ramen - Choose from White, Black, Red & Super Spicy Broth @ Yishun's Northpoint [Singapore]

While it was Akimitsu (秋光) Signature Tendon that caught my attention, i did notice a sister ramen restaurant connected to Akimitsu that i knew i would try out very soon given the fact that my parents and i live in Yishun! 

My prophecy came true less than a month later and even though i am familiar with Japanese ramen in general, i was in dilemma when i was passed the menu with the front page as above. There were four broths to choose from; white (original pork bone), black (garlic), red (spicy) and extra spicy (self explanatory).

It would have been easier if there's one ramen attached to one broth but no, it's way more complicated as you can choose from seven types of ramen! That means a total of 28 permutations and knowing how undecided i can be, i literally just choose the three types of ramen i felt appeared to be the most visually appealing on the menu, in different broths! 

Like Ajisen Ramen, you can upgrade the ramen into a set by paying S$3 extra for a small side dish and a cup of houji tea (cold / hot). Anyway, i don't commonly see the notice about food allergens; must be all the talk in the mainstream media about life-threatening food allergies.

Chijimi (Side Dish) - literally scallion pancake with a taste similar to the local style prawn crackers; albeit with vegetables instead of prawns. If you ask me, i would definitely opt for prawn crackers

Cold Tofu (Side Dish) - Nice and refreshing; i think most people would know this is darn easy to make as you can readily purchase the tofu from the supermarket. For the sauce, just buy a bottle of kewpie's roasted sesame dressing! 

Edamame (Side Dish) - well, normal and we are now done with the side dishes that came with the ramen with a little top-up. Coming to the ramen next! 

Pork Shabu Ramen (White) - in original pork bone broth, this had a comfortable flavour that's light at first sip and intensified right after. There's a sweetness that i personally enjoyed although my companion having the ramen commented it was rather heavy towards the end with MSG being blamed as the culprit. 

At S$9.90 (ala-carte), this was the cheapest ramen on the menu and even though the pieces of sliced pork were pretty nice; they were not amazing enough to wow us.

Yakibuta Ramen (Red) - mom's spicy ramen was, simply put, just chilli oil added to the soup. Aside from the lack of "sincerity" of a full blown amalgamation of spiciness and flavourfulness, we were also displeased with the tough and chunky yakibuta. 

Cha Shu Ramen (Black) - this was mine and hence, deserved to be reviewed last. As usual, i took a customary sip before i mixed up everything; it was appetizing with a whiff of garlic that wasn't overbearing (pro and con depending on individuals). 

I forgot to take pictures of the noodles; they were of the optimal hardness (neither hard or soft) and i loved the fact that the noodle portion was really little! To be fair, the amount would not satisfy a carbohydrate monster! 

The cha shu was impressive; soft to the extent of literal melty! 

In no time, i cleaned up the entire bowl! Frankly, if i were to visit in the future, i would go for Cha Shu Ramen in white (original pork bone) broth.


930, Yishun Avenue 2,
#02-27/28. Northpoint,
Singapore 769098
(Opposite Yishun MRT Station)

As above.

Pork Shabu Ramen (White) Set - S$12.90
Yakibuta Ramen (Red) Set - S$16.90
Cha Shu Ramen (Black) Set - S$15.90
(Subject to GST and Service Charge)

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