Friday, March 07, 2014

Handlebar - The Original @ Sembawang [Jalan Menpurong]

I don't remember much about Gillman Village along Alexandra Road but i could definitely recall that attractive harley davidson bike-themed bar known as Handlebar! 

While many thought handlebar is no longer operating with the inevitable development of Gillman Village, i had the fortune to chance upon it in one of the days that i aimlessly drive my car all over Singapore. 

Once i stepped in, i was hesitant to proceed further; the area was a bit too quiet without the rowdiness we often associated with bikers and i could not exactly pinpoint where the restaurant was. 

Fret not, walk towards the direction of the red-white communication tower!

Here we are! I could not remember how the structure in Gillman Village looked like as i visited at night when visibility was super low and that was also the period when pictures taken by camera phones sucked big time and owning a DSLR was unimaginable given the exorbitant price tag.

Honestly, that visit was a long time ago when i was still driving the old Toyota Corolla without any air-conditioning! I couldn't even remember if handlebar has an outdoor kitchen as it has in its new location at Sembawang now. 

There were fond memories of the decorations though and how each and every one of them was related to the bikers theme. 

Traces of those memorable decors could be found although sadly, i didn't quite get that impressive excitement as i did in the past. 

Nevertheless, this was one cool pool table i would love to get for my future house! 

Furthermore, the new location has a natural advantage; its close proximity to the Straits of Johor where sea breeze is a given! A perfect chill out place with your close friends! 

Blossom Onion
Since i don't drink, food would be my topmost priority! And for an onion lover, the blossom onion in Handlebar was the one food i had that remained so vividly impressed in the back of my memory.

Look at it; the presentation itself was already a spectacular sight! Even Alex was speechless for a split moment when the waiter placed it in front of him! 

It was a godsend for me of course as i totally love deep fried stuff and this dish heavily featured the one ingredient i immensely enjoyed in almost any forms! Do take note that the blossom is best eaten when hot and crispy. Once it turns cold, the taste was quite unappetising. 

Steak and Egg
Thinking back, i should have been more adventurous in my choice. Why a simple steak and egg when i could have a more sadistic unique dish known as "Silence of the Lamb"?

For some, the 250-gram steak would be considered as beautifully grilled with a marvelous looking shine! I like mine a bit more charred, if i could have my way. 

The medium done-ness i requested was perfectly executed even though i do find the price tag of S$30 a tad too high for my scrooge-like personality. Sigh, i should have gotten that silence of the lamb!


57 Jalan Menpurong
[Near Sembawang Park]

Map and Driving Directions
As above (red star). 

Motorists should turn in to Andrews Avenues from Sembawang Road and just drive all the way straight! For those taking public transport, do take note you would have to walk 10-15 minutes from the bus stop and the road is known to be very eerie when night falls.

Motorcycle / Bike Parking
Available as above.

Operation Hours
Closed on Monday! 
Tuesday to Friday: 17:00 - 01:00 
Saturday and Sunday: 15:00 - 01:00

As above

Blossom Onion - S$12
Steak and Egg - S$30
[Subject to GST and Service Charge]


  1. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Wow, nice black car at the carpark!

  2. Anonymous10:03 PM

    I'm in the picture too... LOL...!

    1. oops! hope you don't mind having your picture in here. :)

  3. Ulu place. If only they knew how to provide ferry services

    1. guess they prefer to keep it this way and for ferry services, there's always a cost involved which would likely eat into their margin.

      However, Buckaroo has moved and is near more conveniently located near to Junction Ten! Do check out their website at for the address :)

  4. Anonymous8:59 PM

    how much do the beers cost?

    1. i don't drink so i can't comment. Sorry, mate!


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