Sunday, March 09, 2014

Swanston - Your Essential Store for Cheap Toiletries! @ Chinatown [People's Park Complex Food Centre]

Right above People's Park Complex Food Centre, where you get the insanely famous yong xiang xing yong tau foo stall with a 40-person queue that i have personally encountered, are two levels of shops seldom patronised by many except the regulars.

I am one of 'those' regulars. 
And my favourite shop is none other than "Swanston"! 

Frankly, i wonder if i should even be blogging about this since there is a potential risk that i am just adding to the list and i absolutely detest the fact that the place seems to be getting more crowded recently! 

Nevertheless, i simply could not resist not sharing this good find, especially when i have a "stingy consumer" label tagged to this blog and the toiletries sold in Swanston are so cheap; i have severely cut down on trips to Metro / John Little expo sales!

Baby Johnson shower foam for only S$5.50 when competitors were selling them for as high as S$8.00 each! Reputable hair dye that could be gotten for less than S$10.00! Oral B toothbrush that was priced at a bargain! 

Every trip was a guaranteed basket of toiletries that seldom get past the S$50 mark! Saw that Darlie toothpastes? They only cost me S$3.90 for a pack of three (160g x 2 + 90g x 1)! The 580ml milk bath could be had for S$4.20 for two bags! 

For the regulars, don't get yourself frustrated when there are just way too many people! You should consider walking one level up (on the third floor) where there are similar establishments selling the toiletries at mostly the same price! 


Location of Swanston
32 New Market Road
(Beside OG Chinatown)

As above.


  1. Anonymous8:08 AM

    lol so auntie! I also get my toiletries fr Swanston after a meal downstairs. Cheap! :P

    1. wahahaha u as auntie as me lor!!!