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Hollywood Dreams Parade @ Universal Studios Singapore [USS]

One of the last few items i did before my annual pass lapsed was to check out the 'Hollywood Dreams' parade available only on Saturdays, Sundays and selected public holidays, if weather permits.

With the unpredictable weather we have in Singapore, a good way of confirming that the parade is going to proceed ahead is through the putting up of temporary posts along the sides of the wide passageway.

Another indication is the white tape that acts the same way as yellow line does in train platforms; stay behind the bloody line!

The parade starts from "Waterworld"! Station yourself and your family at this point if you wish to be the very first group to catch the themed procession.

I needed a place with an elevated view since my sole purpose was simply to take photographs to commemorate my last few days as a Fun Pass member in Universal Studios Singapore.

This stone statue at the "Ancient Egypt" with a raised platform was chosen although i was banished soon after to the opposite side. USS employees were fully aware of my intention and kindly informed me that visitors have to clear THAT chosen side.

'Hollywood Dreams' was segmented into different theme sections synonymous with the various zones in the theme park; first up was "New York" zone.

Vehicles and floats were used; hence the reason why visitors were limited to areas behind the white line. We wouldn't want to see an accident right?

Beetlejuice! Honestly, i doubt any of the younger generation would know who he is when the first and only movie of this character was way back in 1988! Even my memory of him was fuzzy!

Woody Woodpecker! Now, where's that pretty girlfriend of his?

I would have loved to catch Elmo and the Cookie Monster but they were conspicuously missing from the parade. Guess you can always catch them in action at the Sesame Street Stage Shows.

Madagascar was next!

Alex and King Julien respectively.

These flightless birds in tuxedos were the gems of the movie franchise and added much laughter to the shows! King Julien, though funny, was a tad too irritating in my opinion. Anyway, the penguins were once again up to no good!

Melman, the sickly giraffe, who became a witch doctor in the second installment of the Madagascar. Not a character i like; too weak.

And he sprayed water while i was taking pictures! Thank god i managed to protect my DSLR in time! $%@#$@#$@$@$ [up to individuals to decipher what the symbols represent in my vulgar dictionary]

Gloria the Hippo! Anyone still remembers her infatuation with Alex two years ago?

Marty, the talkative zebra! Is it a mere coincidence that both Marty in Madagascar and Donkey in Shrek share similar traits?

Anyway, here are the characters from Far Far Away!

I absolutely, absolutely adore the fairy godmother! There were a number of persons who would masquerade as her but this lady here perfected the role!

The majestic dragon with super long eye lashes that fluttered uncontrollably in the presence of the Donkey.

Look at that svelte, gracious body! Pity there wasn't any dronkeys... :(

Three little pigs, three blind mice and a miniature portrayal of the Dragon's Keep where Princess Fiona used to be locked up in the tower!

Puss! I still prefer him in his "awwwww, that's such a sweet little cat" look.

Now's the turn for the grand arrival of the king of the zone where i was in fact situated; Lost World!

Frankly, i think it was a big failed attempt to have humans controlling the pteranodons and giving that obviously fake impression that they were flying! Nonetheless, hats off to these employees who continued to give their best smile! 

I am no paleontologist but is this a caged up baby tyrannosaurus?

No wonder the adult one had such a pissed look!

I think it would be fantastic to add a few touches to make the T-rex more realistic! For one, give it a few strings of saliva and a deafening roar!!! 

Everytime i see such nicely sculpted abs, i feel so self conscious of the lump i have! It doesn't help that i am a renowned glutton and it is extremely difficult for me to achieve that bodily aim!!! :(

On a happier note, it did seem a bit funny to have the "mummy" out in the open! 

Last part - the glamourous Hollywood

When did Marilyn Monroe get so chunky!? Maybe it was the angle of my camera...

Betty Boop was right behind this pair of dancing couple! It's a pity i didn't manage to catch her in my pictures. Either that or i have lost those pictures in the "SD card was spoiled" incident. 

Jovyn and Jerald would totally love the amount of bubbles generated by the last float of the parade! 

This parade was dated in 2011?? Time to give it a change and add in Sesame Street, Kungfu Panda and even the minions that seemed to be popping out in USS for photo-taking sessions with visitors! 

Popped champagne that appeared suspiciously like popcorn to me!

- End of the Hollywood Dreams Parade -


From "Waterworld" of Lost World Zone to New York Zone at Universal Studios Singapore! 

Additional Information
The crowd was immensely big towards the end of the parade! So, i would still recommend those with young families to catch the parade from the very beginning outside "Waterworld"

So, i guess this is it.
It's goodbye to USS for now! 

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