Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wanton Mee near Taman Sri Tebrau (成記雲吞面) @ Johor Bahru [Malaysia]

It was another short trip with my sisters to Malaysia today and one of the key questions that popped out early in the morning was "where to have breakfast in JB?"! 

Given our poor understanding of Malaysian roads and streets, we have to limit ourselves to areas close to KSL mall. I could have requested for Ah Biao but the sisters were not keen. A friend's recommendation for prawn noodles also didn't quite excite them.

The decision was eventually made to have horfun at this coffee shop next to the shell petrol station that was beside the ever-popular Taman Sri Tebrau (大马花园). I opted for wanton mee instead since i don't really fancy horfun (except for the chicken chop hor fun at changi village)! 

I was quite shocked with the generous portion when this was placed on the table although i have recently aimed to cut down on carbohydrates! It was later that i realised my sister ordered the large portion. WHY WHY WHY!?!!?!?

The slices of char siew, a major disappointing point in Ah Biao, were much juicier despite the use of lean meat. However, the flavour was pretty bland and a lack of smokiness, so signature in good char siew, were reasons to give it a miss. 

Noodles were well-cooked with a nice, eggy flavour that satisfied both sisters who took issue with the "harder" texture in Ah Biao. Sauce used to mix up the noodles could be improved even though i think the elderly would very much prefer the simpler taste. 


Along Jalan Keris (within fifty nine restaurant)

As above

Wanton Mee (Large) - RM 5.50

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