Thursday, March 27, 2014

Old Changi Hospital - On the Way to Shedding its Haunted Hospital Image!

Sometimes, i really hate procrastination. 

I have been reminding myself again and again that i should pay Old Changi Hospital a visit before another consortium seals the deal to revamp and develop what's arguably Singapore's most spooky site!

Well, this is the right time i should kick myself in my butt for letting go the many chances for an exploration which never comes to fruition. For those who are still unaware, the above building that is about to complete its renovation was the same, scary looking shack at the start of Hendon Road.

Again, i hope someone could enlighten me on the actual buildings that were supposed to be part of the old Changi hospital's premises. Are those' blocks' flanking both sides of Hendon Road part of the hospital before it shut down for good in 1997? 

This was the building at the end of Hendon Road which i assumed to be the main administrative block for the hospital. I tried to search for a location map for Old Changi Hospital online but so far, i have been unsuccessful. 

As expected with many vacant public buildings in Singapore, CCTV cameras were installed and given the marvellous technology we have nowadays; why play with fire when you know you are going to be burnt? 

If you are really interested to check out the premise beyond the locked gate guarded by hundreds of cameras, give Singapore Land Authority (SLA) a call and pray to secure the approval. A production film did just that and shot a movie known simply as "Haunted Changi". Check out their website here!

I managed to take a few photographs.

However, most of them turned out to have portions dominated by barbed wires and such; you can't blame me given i am not tall even by Asian standards! And to think i drink so much milk when i was younger!

Thank god this was free for all to access. Nothing much inside and i suspected it was built after the hospital was abandoned, maybe as a security post to deter thrill seekers and thieves. 

Less than a hundred meters away was another sizable heritage building that seemed halfway through the renovation works, leaving only the bare bones.

We figured it would not harm to take a closer look although you must note that there were only me and my younger sister! She would likely have to protect me since she is taekwondo-belted. 

The magnificent tree that towered over my Toyota Vios. Hope the new owner of this area would keep the greenery intact! Honestly, Singapore is really not Singapore without an excessive display of greenery. 

Safety comes first! Hence, exploration shall wait until i can amass more people to join me!

Hopefully i would be able to organise it before procrastination sets in once again. And before the place is spruced up nicely coupled with gates that allow only authorised entry.


Along Hendon Road
[Near Changi Village]

Additional Information
A section, comprising of quite a number of buildings, has already completed renovation and from my understanding, is already "operational" as the campus for BNP Paribas training centre

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