Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Johor Bahru Pau / Tim Sum [新山手工包點] @ Changi Village [Singapore]

This Malaysian-originated operator is a common fixture in Singapore's food fairs and i have personally tried its signature Amy Yip big bun which was seriously quite good. 

Just the other day, i brought my bun-crazy sister down to check out the shop since she has never been there! What to do, she doesn't know how to drive and loves being chauffeured around! Anyway, let's talk about the three paus (buns) we have that day.

Salted Egg York Custard Bun (流沙包)
It's hard not to order this whenever i see it available on the menu board even though it is incredibly sinful and should be considered as the "must not eat" item for any person on diet!

To hell with the diet! This came steaming hot yet the rich, golden sauce turned out to be surprisingly cold! Nonetheless, it was still a kick to my taste buds but i have to comment that the dough was a bit too thick for comfort.

Char Siew Bun
The size was similar to the custard bun and my sister enjoyed this the most. I could not fault her since she is a veteran for char siew buns and buns in general (p.s. i thought it was okay only, given the fact that it could be sweeter in my opinion).

Amy Yip Jumbo Bun
葉子楣大包, an affectionate term known by many lechers to describe the magnificent bosom of this sexy Hong Kong star popular in the 80s and 90s, can be have had for just S$3.20.

How did it fare with foodies like us who are plainly interested in eating and not fondling touching the bun? It was definitely filling for a person although taste wise, we felt the meat was too fattening with the aftertaste being a bit of an anti-climax. As with the custard bun, the dough skin was way too chunky! 


Block 4, Changi Village Road, 
#01-2082 [Next to Crepes and Puffs]

Salted Egg York Custard Bun - S$1.20 each
Char Siew Bun - Could not remember
Amy Yip Jumbo Bun - S$3.20 each

Additional Information
This place sells a very unique version of bun known as Bao Zhong (中) which would be popular with punters given its pronunciation that sounds like "sure to win"! What it has is literally a whole dumpling into a big bun!!! Kaoz, that will be such a heavy meal!!!

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