Saturday, March 22, 2014

Red House - Refurbished for the Living @ Pasir Ris [Singapore]

My younger sister has never checked out the haunted red house in Pasir Ris and i thought i should take the opportunity this morning to show her around after having breakfast at the nearby Changi Village. 

As my car neared the red bungalow, i was wondering if i have made a wrong turn since the place looked different from what i remembered; the signature red-tiled roof appeared to be way too new! 

My worst fear came true; the building with a number of spooky stories that often sent chills down our spines during overnight ghost story sessions in chalets is gone. 

Not literally but it is no longer the same. Its spanking new appearance, as compared to the old dilapidated, rundown look in the past, would no longer command the same level of fear...

In a way, i wasn't entirely devastated by the change; the aura of sadness, so apparent in the past, can no longer be felt and i can only hope that laughter (not those scary sounding laughter by the way) would be part and parcel of its upcoming environment. 

Renovation works are still ongoing and i would have to make another trip to take more photographs of the finalised outlook so as to conclude the end of the haunted red house. 

The only familiar structure left.

Which would likely be demolished very soon. Hence, for those born in the eighties and before, you may wish to pay it a visit to relive those good old memories of the red house before its structural demise. 

Could not quite remember how it used to look like? Check out the post i had of the red house three years ago. Click HERE for the pictures (including the stone lions that were said to move their heads for the unsuspecting)! 


Along Jalan Loyang Besar
[near Downtown East]

As above.

Additional Information
Google Map seemed to have a more updated picture of the red house before the refurbishment. Don't you just love the street view of Google Map?! 

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