Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tapioca Cake & Kueh Kosui @ Maxwell Road Hawker Centre [中国街興興 China Street Xing Xing]!

Mention the ondeh ondeh from Maxwell hawker centre and i bet many foodies would know it is a 'MUST' to go before lunch to avoid disappointment! 

I did visit before lunch but according to the polite lady manning the stall, i need to wait for another agonising ninety minutes for that first batch of delicious ondeh ondeh! :(

When life gives you lemons, suck it! 

So, i made do with the second and third best things available; the bouncy kueh kosui (as shown in the above picture) and squiggly tapioca cake. To complete the meal (three look better than two), i had to order Ubi Kayu! 

The kueh kosui had a chewy texture that didn't irritate the teeth, wasn't cloyingly sweet like many in the market yet tasted extremely heavy with palm sugar! Same goes for the tapioca cake which was easily one of the best i ever had! Again, the sweetness was just right! 

I absolutely do not know how to appreciate Ubi Kayu, which had hard pieces of unpalatable tapioca making up the base and a thin layer of sugar coated coconut shreds on top that thankfully made it slightly more edible. 


1 Kadayanallur Street,
#01-31, Maxwell Food Centre
[Near Tanjong Pagar MRT Station]

As above

Kueh Kosui - S$0.50 a piece
Tapioca Cake - S$0.40 a piece
Ubi Kayu - S$0.70 a piece

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