Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Different Side of Singapore @ Seletar North Link [Singapore]

There used to be two ways for me to get back to Yishun from my sister's apartment in Sengkang; either via Tampines Expressway or through Jalan Kayu. 

With the opening of Seletar North Link, there is now a third option and it has become my favourite driving route to travel home! There's minimal traffic and the scenic drive can only be described as relaxing for the driver! 

Unwind the car window and enjoy the breeze as you drive along this short section flanked by towering trees, species of which eludes me. Not that it matters since it is the enjoyment i look forward to. 

I am really a man of simple pleasures. 
So long the weather is not a killer!!

Luckily, the haze has yet to hit the little red dot then and i can see quite a few enthusiastic anglers in that area. I could never get fishing; to me, it is similar to killing a chicken with my bare hands, something i could not do despite my love for meat. 

Another side of the river that looks out to Johor Straits. 

A family of three was just peacefully spending their afternoon away with the father anticipating for the catch of the day while the son was playing dangerously (albeit happily) by the water.

The trees made a memorable impact to the entire landscape and it is sad that construction has already started to clear the land. I could not imagine how Singapore would turn out to be another forty years from now. 

Would all the trees disappear? 

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