Monday, December 10, 2012

Return of the Geckos

In order to prevent another scare, i had to notify the pest control guys about the gecko we found in the glass jar the other day and they, being the professionals, went ahead with the placement of three sticky strips near the metal cabinet.

I was doubtful that these seemingly weak papers can keep a gecko immobile but well, they are called pest controllers for a reason and most importantly, i am not the unfortunate occupant of that affected cubicle! Hahaha.

Fast forward to a peaceful Friday morning when i was once again greeted with a piercing scream from my neighbour!

The return of the gecko! This time round, i dare not even approach it as it was uncovered and although it was stuck to the strip, it was still very much alive!!! 

After a few minutes of intense scrutiny, i confirmed this was not the same gecko since the tail was way plumper, the spots looked different and the colour was more greener. And this confirmation can only mean one thing.

Sham's cubicle could be a nest for the geckos!

Thank god i am leaving NUS! 

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