Sunday, December 09, 2012

Side Mirror Is In Trouble Again - The Never-Ending Misfortunes of My OPC

Alex trying to fix back the side mirror
Just when i thought my OPC (off peak car) was finally free from further misfortunes, the Gang of Four walked back to the parked car (along Upper East Coast road) at 10pm today and found the mirror and external casing of the driver's side mirror nicely placed on the car's bonnet!

I was about to explode with a full string of expletives when Alex passed me the above note; an eyewitness had seen what happened and kindly left a note on my windscreen. 

Culprit identified as the driver of an SMRT Taxi SHD6420R. *knuckles cracking*

According to SMRT website, the above vehicle was the exact same one that violently 'kissed' my car's ear. It was mentioned as you can see that this cab has a "quiet interior with tinted windows to keep the sun and heat out". I would elaborate on this special feature shortly. 

The contact number for "Book a Taxi" came in handy and it was not too long before i was connected to a Mr Tan; the driver for SHD6420R.

He blatantly told me he could not remember passing by upper east coast road and did not recall knocking into anything! Maybe that's the purpose of having a "quiet interior"; to enable one to reach that state of neither hearing nor feeling anything!

=continued here=


  1. I’m sorry you had to experience such mishap because of a reckless driver. I’m glad that the damage wasn’t extensive. You’re luck in that part. I will follow your story and hope that it will end in a good note. Best wishes, my friend!

    Enoch Ross

    1. Thanks Enoch! I hope you would follow other stories in my blog as i would not want another misfortune to hit my car!! :P


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