Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Special Mr Herbal Tea [凉茶先生] Who Provided An Extra "Service" @ Beo Crescent [Havelock Road]

The initial plan was to post something related to the dead but it doesn't seem appropriate when it is the day of celebration for our Christian friends today!

I shall therefore postpone that to another day and talk about this interesting Chinese herbal tea stall located in a part of Singapore that was surprisingly unbeknownst to me.

While queuing for our turn to buy herbal tea, we overheard the conversation between the first customer and the owner, which sounded almost like a diagnosis session between a patient and a doctor! Except it was over the counter.

My turn came and the first sentence that shot out of my mouth was "i have just recovered from fever that has persisted for four days and my throat is now feeling very dry!". Mr Herbal Tea shortly recommended a thick herbal concoction (it was bitter!!) and a 2-min massage! 

You heard me right; a massage that came with no additional cost!

Mr Herbal Tea's father used to operate a Chinese medicinal hall and was well-versed in traditional Chinese medicine [TCM]. After lightly massaging my eyebrows, he said my liver was very heaty and advised i should stay off chicken for the next few days and sleep before midnight everyday.

His care and dedication to customers were amazing! Although i stay in Yishun, i would likely pop by the stall to buy a few bottles of herbal tea whenever i am in the vicinity! 

By the way, my throat did get better after the tea+massage session! 


Block 38, Beo Crescent

[Opp the Hawker Centre]

As above [Red Star]

Special Concoction Herbal Tea - S$3.50

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