Friday, December 07, 2012

Star of The Day - The Gecko in the Office

From the above picture, it does appear that there wasn't anything wrong; it was just a mini snack corner on top of a typical office cabinet.

However, the horrifying scream that resonated shortly after my colleague stepped foot into her cubicle indicated otherwise. 

She found a big fat gecko swimming in the water jar that she drank on a daily basis!!!! Euwwwww!! Given this is such a personal item (and i am not a reptile lover), i can totally feel the same stomach churning disgust my colleague felt! 

As the only MAN in the office at that time, the responsibility was on me to remove the naughty bugger! Please note that it is removal, not murder! 

But before i could throw it out, it is customary as of the present new media age that we live in, to take some photographs! Maybe that was the purpose of the gecko.

To be the dazzling star for just one day! 

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