Wednesday, December 26, 2012

No 3 Crab Delicacy Seafood Restaurant [3号螃蟹美味海鲜餐馆] @ 265/267 Outram Road

I would commonly research a bit on the restaurants before i publish my review of them on this blog you are reading right now; usually, it is to confirm that signature dishes have been ordered and to get some information on their history.

There were surprises of course - some came with such fantastic reviews; i wonder if there is something inherently wrong with my taste buds [more often than not, the reviews were posted a number of years ago]. 

In the case of "No 3 Crab", i was taken aback by the online declaration that it was "voted as one of the top restaurant by the Singapore Straits Times newspaper and also one of the top write up restaurant in Singapore and Hong Kong."

Embarrassing news for crab lovers like me who has never heard about this restaurant. Oh well, as the saying goes, the older you get, the more food you would have eaten.

Sliced Bittergourd
I could not understand why humans can like such a bad tasting vegetable but you have to try these freshly sliced bittergourd! With the accompanied sweet sauce that is. Without the sweet component, a bittergourd is only as 'good' as it sounds. Bitter.

Coffee Pork Ribs
To be frank, i did enjoy savouring the savoury black sauce surrounding the ribs (which were too tough) together with the generous sprinkling of sesame seeds. However, as my compatriots have mentioned, there was absolutely no taste of coffee.

Steam Crab with Egg White
My take on steamed crabs is well known; it is simply too easy to cook and does not justify the high pricing listed on the restaurants' menu! 

Furthermore, the quality of crabs is probably the only factor in determining how you enjoy the dish. Not that quality doesn't matter in other cooking styles (chilli, black pepper etc); it does but not on the same scale as steamed crabs. 

Salted Egg Crab
This was not a disappointment; a good showing of salted egg completed with strong infusion of curry leaves that gave salted egg crabs a uniqueness adored by many. Not as sweet as i prefer though.

Buns for the salted egg sauce; average and definitely not of the same caliber as those from forture seafood

Yam Paste
Our dessert for the day was normal and could have performed better with the addition of pumpkin meat. 


I wasn't very impressed with what i have even though you might wish to note that their crab specialties are curry crab and crab porridge. The fact that the restaurant was less than half filled on a Thursday evening could also imply a lot of things.

265/267 Outram Road
[Behind Wangz Hotel]

As above[red star]


Crab - S$45 a kilogram
Coffee Pork Ribs - S$16 [M]
Yam Paste - S$16 [M]
[Subject to GST and Service Charge]

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