Saturday, December 15, 2012

No Problem - The Human Mind will Miraculously Solve the Problem

We are all aware that the human mind is complicated but at the same time, it does work marvels when the need arises for that extra effort to push it beyond the normal course of action. 

The following are a few examples: 

No money to buy the expensive mobile phone holder for your car and your myopic eyes could hardly see the directions on the maps app? 
No problem! 
Tape it to the steering wheel! Please note that this might result in a serious case of motion sickness if there are many turns to reach your destination. 

Darn, it's a bowl of hot soup and you have just thrown away your only spoon in the office! How?
No problem! 
Halve the styrofoam cup taken from the water dispenser and stick your fork through it! 

The car audio device has finally said goodbye and you have just purchased the latest music CD from Bigbang solely for the 4 hour journey to Kuala Lumpur?
No problem! 
Take that under-utilized portable hifi from your kitchen and tape it to your dashboard! Note: changing batteries can be problematic. 

Wanted a 42-inch television but the cabinet can only accommodate a 37-inch one?
No problem! 
Saw away the piece of bothersome wood in the way! 

Mistakenly order a second-hand car from America when Singapore only allows right-hand driving? 
No problem! 
The above picture clearly shows what you can do! Note: this has not been approved by the bureaucracy although you can still argue your way through. 

Wires falling all over the computer?
No problem! 
Use the paper clip to hold them in place! This is actually quite a cool idea!

Out of diaper and it is 3am in the morning?
Absolutely no problem at all! 
Just use the paper cup and cut a small hole for the tiny weenie. Note: only for newborns! Oh, and applicable for the boys only. 

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  1. makan lover1:24 PM


    using the clips to hold the messy USB and other cables is a good idea!


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