Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sliced Fish Soup @ Seng Kee [成记鱼片汤] - Bukit Merah Central Hawker Centre

While i was more skewed towards having a plate of unhealthy char kway teow, Mom was more interested in the supposedly healthier soupy stuff. And nothing's better than a hot bowl of sliced fish soup!

The lack of media accolades didn't really affect me as i am also as particular with the number of people queuing outside the stall. Bukit Merah Central food center is big and in that very morning i was there, this had the second longest queue! 

Those patrons in front of me did not decline when asked if they would like to have these crispy brown stuff in their soup and i thought i might as well go with the flow but first, i must know what they are! To put it simply, they are overcooked stir fried eggs! 

My Mom's order! 

Truthfully, i made the mistake of adding the brown crispies which negatively affected the taste of the soup that should have been refreshing and delicious. 

The saving grace was the thickness of the sliced fish which provided for a much more fulfilling bite than many other stalls serving the same dish. 


Block 163, Bukit Merah Central, 
#02-56 [Next to the old HDB headquarters]

S$3.50 without rice

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