Monday, December 03, 2012

Snapper Fish & Chips (and Spicy Crab Nachos, Clam Chowder & Cookie) @ Boston Seafood Shack [The Star Vista]

With so many eateries, we had to circle the Star Vista twice before making the apprehensive move to throw in our lot with Boston Seafood Shack.

Do note that it was more a fast food restaurant (highlight step two: place order at counter and step 5: collect food) than a full service one and if not for the one plus one fish and chips, i would have gladly gone for Itacho or this ramen restaurant boasting a long queue. 

The only assurance was that despite being pretty unknown, the place still managed to draw quite a crowd. Of course, this could have been a result of the attractive 1 + 1 fish and chips promotion!

Clam Chowder
Gooey [tick], thick consistency [tick], many pieces of clam [tick]; sounded good? A pity it tasted way too normal and lacked the special flavour to beckon a second sip. 

Spicy Crab Nachos
I am reserving my comment on nachos as i am not a nachos person but as far as crab was concerned, i was disappointed with the pathetic serving. That could have been forgivable if the crab meat didn't leave that foul aftertaste on my tongue. 

I am better off with plain nachos with cheese. 

Fish and Chips
Wrapped in a classical fish and chips style, it was like a Christmas present waiting to be open! 

Our one plus one fish and chips! As barramundi cost the same as snapper, we checked with the counter on the possibility to have one of each. Surprisingly, this was almost rudely rejected! Oh well, at least we did ask. 

Notwithstanding the less than stellar service, we enjoyed the fat fries and the delectably juicy fish encased in a tender yet crispy batter! This fish and chips was definitely better than the one from the Little Fish Shop

This is when the big BUT comes into picture. At S$13.50 for a serving of fish and chips that i have to order and collect from the counter, i thought it was seriously way overpriced. 


1 Vista Exchange Green, 
#01-16, The Star Vista
[Right outside Buona Vista MRT Station]

Clam Chowder - S$5.00
Spicy Crab Nacho S$8.00
Fish and Chips - S$13.50
[Prices include GST]


As above.

Additional Information
Top up S$2.50 to your main meal for a chips/cookie and a can of drink! 

We opted for the cookie option and damn were we glad we chose it! The yummy cookie gave one the impression that it could have been baked at Subway although it appeared flatter with way more chocolate! 

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