Saturday, December 01, 2012

New Gadget - iPhone5

A blog post was supposed to be published yesterday but i was so busy with the installation of my latest tech toy; the heavily ridiculed iPhone5.

Much had been said about this latest iPhone model since its inception in September; the longer handset that can now display five lines of app icons; For the same amount of applications, you can now swipe lesser due to this better interface!

And the lightning connector that has been a result of complaints from many current iPhone users (including me) who have in their stash; dozens of iPhone chargers that would no longer be usable from iPhone5. 

To me, a phone is a communication cum game device and i am not really that particular when it comes to additional features like an updated Siri or better in-ear earphones although i have to admit that loading seems a lot faster and the retina display does make a huge difference (colours, vibrancy, details etc) over my current iPhone4.

Only one thing bothers me; iTunes is not compatible with Windows 7 [unable to load class information for sync, click itunes but nothing appears, restore backup and nothing happens etc] and i had a frustrating time transferring my data from iPhone4 to iPhone5 using the back-up function! 

Thankfully, i didn't throw away my old, dusty desktop that was installed with Windows XP.


  1. Hi Cavin! I have the same issue with iTunes not being compatible with Windows 7, and I had to go ask the help of a friend to transfer files from my old iPhone and do the necessary syncing. He’s been my go-to guy ever since for every meltdown I experience with the iPhone 5. I also wanted to ask; have had trouble connecting to your computer like the phone not charging?

    1. Hey Darryl! It's a pain with syncing every time there is an update and i can use a big chunk of my time sorting out the frustrating problems!

      Not charging? it did happen once but i realised it was the usb port that was spoilt.


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