Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pre-Christmas BBQ 2012

The bad weather in the recent afternoons had gotten all of us worried but our prayers remained unanswered when we were welcomed with a heavy torrent of rain upon arrival at BBQ pit 52. 

It was roughly two hours later that we finally managed to set up the fire for some barbecuing! To be honest, I was famished and craving for a bite of that freshly grilled Taiwanese sausage!

A pity that the rain god decided to pay us another visit! 

Satay sauce, the most important companion to a good stick of chicken/mutton satay, was rendered inedible after being soaked with rainwater.

Thank god (not the rain god definitely), the others remained in a good state for us to satisfy our hunger. I especially enjoyed the sambal sotong! 

Random picture - the little yet hyperactive cousins of Pearly.

With the threat of impending rain, the ladies were frantically trying their best to cook as fast as possible! As expected, there was way too much food!

I did try and i did fail miserably to clear as much as i want! 
*plus, the corn cob was severely burnt on the other side*

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