Friday, March 04, 2011

Health Screening (2011)

No matter how much i hate to know the result, well aware that i have not been a good boy man when it comes to abstaining from deep fried, fatty food, i will still drag my feet to the location where the annual medical health check exercise for my company was held.

It's that kind of excitement i could not resist! Just like my fear of height; my legs will get all wobbly, my head will start spinning but i would still challenge this common phobia!!

After that routine extraction of my blood that filled three vials and an easily accomplished task in loading the urine capsule plus a few other boring procedures, it's a painful wait for at least a month for the medical report!

To reduce the anxiety in view of the unknown statistics, a heavier intake of food is an appropriate comforter (since i am not hopeful at all, might as well binge as much as i want before the dreadful truth was shoved to my face).

Shockingly, i clear the medical checkup!!!!!

My most dreaded category (total cholesterol) has dropped from a staggering high of 251 points in 2009 to a desirable 198 this year! Wahahahahahaha *pleased*

And amazingly, even with a perceived intake of food that seems to increase year on year, i managed to cut two kilograms from my weight. According to the Asian BMI, my height requires another reduction of two kilograms.

All other categories remain optimal.
*wide grin*

Time for some celebration! Who is keen to join me for the gastronomic buffet at Melt The World Cafe?! As a treat for me? :)

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