Sunday, March 06, 2011

Haunted Red House @ Pasir Ris

The red house in Pasir Ris has always been placed on the list of the top ten most haunted places in Singapore.

Notice the Orb!
My post today is not to confirm nor debunk the list since i can no longer run as fast as before. Furthermore, my blog is more or less a pictures blog - photos taken at night usually suck without a tripod and flash creates too much brightness that is not optimal when you are supposed to be trespassing.

Okay! Fine fine fine, i am scared okay!! Both of the paranormal and the men in blue; the mata aka police!

Anyway, it was rumoured that there was a mass murder in this infamous property and besides the usual haunting signs (noises, some sightings of apparitions, cold spots etc), the most notable item was said to be an old rocking chair with a doll sitting on it.


My personal encounter a few years ago was on the infamous stone lions manning the main gate. I am not sure if it's imagination but i thought i saw the head of the lion moved! I didn't think too much about it since the very important issue then was "should we go in or not?".

Many stories on the red house are available on the internet due to its close proximity to three holiday chalets (Downtown East, Costa Sands and Aloha Loyang) that are popular with the youngsters and you may wish to do a google search to read the latest updates.

Going into the barricaded private property will be more exciting (and physically demanding) but judging from an experience i had, you are running foul with the law that is just not worth the effort.


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  2. Hi Gin!

    Of course it is okay. Shall email you for more details. :)