Sunday, March 27, 2011

Meat Skewers (Yakitori) @ Tori Q

I think i mentioned before that in the arena of Japanese cuisine, teriyaki chicken was the first dish i had. However, that was during the infancy stage of Japanese food and not many economical choices for this cuisine were available then.

Until the arrival of Tori Q in year 2000, i have never known that i had been eating crappy Japanese food all the while (note: my family economic condition wasn't good back then).

The smell of barbequed meat was so irresistible and the beautiful display of meat peppered with burnt bits on skewers was absolutely more than sufficient to attract my attention.

Even though my taste buds are luckier nowadays with some experiences in more pricey Japanese outlets, i would occasionally still visit Tori Q and get their combo set.

At S$5.40, this combo set B has a stick of chicken balls, 2 sticks of chicken and 1 stick of chicken with green pepper)! It's not cheap for some of us (definitely not for me back then) but it's still a meaty galore well worthy for that price!

Teriyaki sauce drenched the pearly rice with thin pieces of cut seaweed - i would have loved to eliminate the carbohydrates and enjoy just the meat protein. This action is not adopted actively as it would spike up my cholesterol level and incur more costs (since i would have to eat another main meal)!!

Given a choice, i would have taken 4 sticks of chicken with Japanese rice. The essence rests in the moist and tender chicken meat that exudes an appetising aroma. And the layer of fatty skin was slightly burnt with a gentle crisp to them! Sinfully delicious!!

That said, it's not bad to have variety in a meal. The chicken meat balls are popular amongst ladies (no presents for the reason why) although it's my least favourite.


Look above! Many branches are available all over Singapore.

Okay, maybe not many. According to the Tori Q box, the reason is that quality comes first!!! Unlike many food kiosks, franchise is not part of their business strategy!

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