Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wanton Noodles @ Banquet Signature

Banquet brought in the first Halal food court to Singapore and since that highly successful outlet in Jurong Point, the company has expanded to a total of 14 Halal food courts in the little red dot.

Today, we are not touching on food courts. Instead, i would like to divert your attention to this little known branch of Banquet; known aptly as Banquet Signature - an Halal outfit that operates like a mini-scale coffeeshop.

Everything is ordered from this one and only counter (which mean the queue can get really long during mealtimes). However, the food dishes don't come cheap and most people would rather buy coffee and/or tea.

My intended order was supposed to be the Nasi Uduk - a nasi lemak dish with fragrant yellow rice, delicious fried chicken wing, fantastic a-char, hot chilli and crunchy ikan bilis. I had this the last time and love it! Unfortunately, only one portion was available then and as a gentleman, i decided to let my female colleague have it!

Therefore, i bought this halal, KL-style wanton mee that seemed to be the second most popular (evidenced by the bowls of wanton noodles on the tables).

The blackened noodles were not bad although non-pork char siew is just terrible tasting! They should use vegetarian char siew that tastes way better (if cook right; please get pointers from my mom)!

Knowing Cavin, such a small bowl of noodles will not be sufficient to fill his stomach! A swift decision was made on the Polo bun (菠萝包) set since i can save 50 cents! Saving a bit is better than not saving at all.

On its own when compared to a plain polo bun sold in Crystal Jade, this was actually quite yummy with a honeyed flaky crust. The char siew filling, as with the wanton noodles, should be eliminated!!!!


I want to eat their Nasi Uduk (S$4.00).......

370, Alexandra Road,
AnchorPoint, #B1-44/51

(Right Opp IKEA Queensway)

Wanton Noodles - S$3.80
Polo Bun Set - S$2.50 (inclusive of coffee or tea)

No GST and No Service Charge

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