Monday, March 07, 2011

A Humongous Burger @ De Burg, Ghim Moh

For a person who has always associated burgers with the likes of Macdonalds and Burger Kings, it's somewhat unnerving to see the sentence: "burgers are not fast food".

Coming from an unassuming burger stall located in a coffee shop with nil name, it's rumoured that De Burg serves the best burger in Singapore! Wah, is it a matter of a company being too big for one's boots?

Trying will be the one and only way to ascertain the rumours!

De Burg Decadence
Not one to pay high price for a burger, i have to thank Mr Kon who insisted once again to pay for this meal! People who know Kon well, will know he is no scrooge when it comes to allegedly good food.

Highly recommended and available for sale only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays with limited portions, this is no doubt the burger Kon chose (the wagyu patty should be the deciding factor i guess)!

Layers of ingredients beautifully placed on top of one another; i thought the perfect, thick 'burger look' existed only on advertisements!

This dazzling baby proved me wrong when Kon happily brought it to the table. Just the look was enough to stimulate the three major pairs of salivary glands in my mouth!

Shiok SHIok SHIOK!!!! It was flawlessly good and so so fulfilling! In my opinion, this was better than DB burger!

Get your hands dirty and your mouth oily! Don't ever attempt to separate the ingredients and think they will taste fine. The burger is not to be devoured in such shameless way! Give it some dignity!

To quote an example, the huge portobello mushroom had a sour vinegarish flavour, the vegetables were bitter while the extravagant wagyu patty was bloody sweet (pun intended)! Merge them together and it was plain delicious!

That's exactly what a real burger should taste like!

Twin Sausages Combo
This was for Ms Tan but i could see from her eyes that she would have preferred to exchange it for a De Burg Decadence!

My taste buds could not get over the weird tasting spicy Italian sausage (the darker one) and would have preferred the pork cheese sausage from Cold Storage instead of the one here.


While i am typing here, my mind kept drifting to the first bite i had for the De Burg Decadence!! Guess i don't have to wait long to try the other more economical offerings De Burg has!

Block 10, Ghim Moh Road,
#01-78, Singapore 270010

(Opposite Buona Vista MRT Station)

Opening Hours
Tues-Sat: 1130-2130hrs
Sun/PH: 1115-2115hrs
Mondays? Closed.

DeBurg Decadence - S$26.95
Twin Sausages Combo - S$12.25

No GST, No Service Charge!

Additional Information
NUS Staff can get a 5% discount off the bill! And the same goes for civil servants, staff from Singapore Airlines, Government Hospitals, NTU, Polytechnics, NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) and VWO (Voluntary Welfare Organisations)! And not forgetting hardworking students from NUS, NTU and Polytechnics!

To enjoy the discount, please show your staff or student pass!


  1. Dear Sir,

    we thank you for coming down to De Burg. Of course, a major thank you for this morale boosting article/blog entry.

    We would like to state that there isn't any 5% GST charge. All our prices are nett. No Service Charge as well.

    Looking forward to serving you again.

    Yours Sincerely,
    The De Burg Gang.

  2. Oops! I am sorry; old age has contributed to a mis-assumption that 5% discount is equivalent to 5% GST!

    The change has been made with immediate effect!

    Thank you for your notification. And rest assured; i will be back to De Burg very soon. :)


  3. Andrew11:07 PM

    Wow... it's just beside my workplace and yet I don;t know??? How can? I am right this wrong soon... lol.

  4. Dear Cavin,

    thank you very much for your prompt action. For that, allow us to upgrade your next burger with an additional 100g patty at no extra charge.

    If you could email us at, we will whisper a password for you to claim the bonus.

  5. Andrew: I think you will like the de burg decadence!!! It's a mouthful of absolute fulfillment!

    de burg: thanks for your kind gesture! You may pass it to my friend Andrew instead. =)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Wow~ It really looks yummy~ o.O" Makes me having the urge to have a bite on it.. o.O *slurp*

  8. u should try it out!

    De Burg Decadence is like one of the best burgers i ever have!

    It's a pity i have not been back to try their other notable offerings. :(


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