Saturday, March 05, 2011

Tau Suan with You Tiao (油条) @ ABC Brickworks Food Centre

Apparently the Mandarin term for Tau Suan can be 豆爽, 豆萱 or 豆宣. Not that it matters much to me but in all my life, i had no idea that there's any other Chinese term for tau suan!

Learning is indeed a lifetime affair.

Usually, tau suan is bought from a dessert store that sells a wide array of sweet indulgence like, ice kacang, sweet potato soup, borbor cha cha etc. Therefore, it's rare to find a youtiao stall that actually sells tau suan, when the cut cullers are merely its sidekicks.

Such a stall actually exists in ABC Brickworks Market and Food Centre!

Trying it out when my favourite (then) char siew stall had not opened for business, i was damn happy to finally have had more than enough you tiao to go with my mung bean (or split bean) soup!!

Yipppeee!!! It has always been less satisfying to find out i have a bowl half filled with tau suan yet without a single piece of you tiao floating on it!

Depending on individuals, i actually prefer this bowl of tau suan that has nasal-mucus-like texture and lesser concentration of beans. Mom and pig sister think the directly opposite way! Humans are interesting, aren't they?


Stall #01-33,
6 Jalan Bukit Merah,
ABC Brickworks Market/Food Centre

Tau Suan - S$1.00
You Tiao - S$0.50

(Pork Free - As Indicated At The Stall)


  1. This indeed looks like a prefect breakfast for me.. Too bad, I am not staying near that area.. :( :( *sob*

    Hey, by the way, was wondering if we could inter-follow each other blog... Yeah, I am expanding my blogger friend list, especially with with people living in the same place as me.. What do you say??

    Hope it will be a yes and see you soon on Tingtasy.. :)


  2. Hi Krislin,

    You stay in Yishun too? Do let me know if you find any good food in this area!!!

    Sure, i will add you soon.


  3. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Youtiao and tausuan is good but the stallholders are very grumpy and unfriendly. Ask a simple question and they mutter an unintelligible answer without looking at you. I have put up with this numerous times that I have patronised this stall. I think enough is enough. Not going back.

    1. my post was made 8 years ago.... glad to see a comment from you though.


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