Monday, March 21, 2011

Hollywood Zone @ Universal Studio Singapore

There's no way you will see me breaking up this visit to the first full-fledged theme park in Singapore into separate postings! Unless i am going again in the future (the possibility is quite high on that).

I am cancelling the above sentence because it's a daunting task to summarise everything with 500 pictures!!! And it's more time efficient for me to post an entry based on one or two zones.

Anyway, a pictorial post this shall be! Most information can be found online and i shan't regurgitate them here. Please visit Universal Studio Singapore's (USS) website HERE for those information. There's always google anyway.

It was decided that driving to USS is the better option and knowing how expensive Resort World is charging for parking, i parked at nearby Beach & Imbiah Car Park and took the Sentosa Express back to Waterfront Station.

Preparing the tickets for entry! The kid-like excitement was uncontrollable as i approached USS. Genting Highlands Theme Park is nowhere near to theme parks of this category!

After taking more than a dozen pictures of the iconic Universal Studios globe, it's finally time to walk past the main gate and enter the theme park!

Under the protective canopy is the Hollywood zone where you catch glimpses of classical buildings from old-time movies. Not that i know any of them since i didn't catch my first English movie until i was 12 years old (and that's Beauty and the Beast).

Loads of photo taking opportunities. Main problem is that Hollywood is the point of entry and most visitors are excited with practically everything when they enter! Especially so when they see the kungfu panda.

I was attracted to the pop corn truck and expected popcorn that's of outrageous flavours. Disappointment slapped me when i checked out the price board... You can get much better ones right outside the theme park - in this place called Garrett Popcorn.

Only one attraction is available in this zone; Monster Rock staged in Pantages Hollywood Theatre featuring horrific monsters like dracula, frankenstein, the mummy!

This rock and roll musical was enjoyable although the heat and exhaustion had already gotten to us when we caught it at 3pm. And this was right after a heavy lunch.

Seated on the second floor also resulted in unenthusiastic response from us spectators despite the fantastic performance (there was even a dance to the highly addictive Wonder Girls' Nobody)!

The theatre is huge! Realise it only when the show was over. Needless to say, everyone is rushing to get out! I took a pee while waiting for the bottleneck traffic to clear.

USS tries to create some fun with this shop that sells mainly betty boop accessories but places many hats (belonging to the king, queen, witch, the fireman etc) right at the entrance!

A closer look at the hats!

If you are lucky, you could even catch a show right in the open! Or see Mr Charlie Chaplin strutting down the street.

So much attention is given to small little details that are easily looked over by many of us who just wanted to make full use of the one-day pass to take as many rides and watch as many shows as time permits!

To be continued (i know it's abrupt but the sleeping hour has arrived)......

*p.s. there're a total of seven zones!

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