Friday, March 25, 2011

New York Zone @ Universal Studios Singapore (USS)

The New York area in Universal Studios Singapore is quite similar to Hollywood although the buildings are more dated and gave the impression of the pre-war mafia era.

Fake Marilyn Monroe is available for some intimate photo-taking. No lifting of skirts!!! If given a choice, i will prefer to take pictures with cartoon characters instead of real life celebrities who are supposed to be dead!

I wonder if there are actual functioning rooms behind the windows and doors. Is there a staff room or is it purely a beautiful facade with a tiny empty space behind it? Maybe i should consider working in Universal Studios to get my answers!

Vehicles like this are so common in this theme park! Driving is impossible for obvious reasons although it would be nice (and definitely more authentic) to see them moving on the road.

Any building with such architecture reminds me of Singapore's old Supreme Court. It's in fact a replica of New York Public Library and comes with the iconic stone lions. Was it the same library featured in the movie The Day After Tomorrow?

A close up of the lion.

Featuring landmarks from the Big Apple, the subway is indeed indispensable for this zone! There are even the classical but noisy iron wrought gates barring visitors from entering!

No great loss since it's just an empty space. I was expecting something more - like a 3D painting on the floor that shows cascading steps.

The restaurant that we settled our lunch at. As usual, be prepared for a food post on Loui's NY Pizza Parlour!

Don't you love the messiness in New York? Each building is connected to one another yet disorganised in terms of design and decor!

Initially i was quite lost on what to do in Universal Studios! After seeing many people scrambling into a building, we followed suit to find that it's a show named "Lights! Camera! Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg"

This queue shall be made available once there are too many people queuing up to watch the show. This is good planning as no visitor would want to wait up to an hour under the hot sun.

Warning sign with a scene marker design. Appropriate indeed as this attraction features special effects in movies. By the way, this is the only attraction in New York zone at the moment. The other one "Stage 28" is still under construction.

Scene: A warehouse setting with the New York skyline right in front of you. How real can the special effects be for a scenario of a major hurricane hitting NY?

It's freaking realistic! The rise of water level, the howling wind, the lightning that struck the boat, the burning fire, the rattling windows, the explosion, the falling machinery and the grounded ship! I am god-damn impressed! Wish the show can be longer though.

There's a section within this zone that gave the impression it was not accessible. The back alley looked interesting but at the same time, there was not a single soul - even though the main street was teeming with people.

I was desperately hoping for an air-conditioned rest area that wasn't crowded. The best i can find is this ice company and it's not even in operation! Bloody...

This authentic-looking wharf section is a fantastic place to take pictures without the need to jostle with over-enthusiastic visitors that miraculously managed to appear (their hands, their hands, their bags and their legs) in every photograph.

Peacefulness aside while at the wharf, you can also catch a panoramic view that shows half of USS. I thought theme parks are supposed to be huge?!

Far Far Away Castle! I want to go there to take a picture with Puss!!!


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