Saturday, March 26, 2011

Total Destruction (Three Stars) for Saint Patrick's Day @ Angry Birds Seasons

The long gone addiction with Angry Birds has begun once again...

No thanks to Mrs Diane Lai who passed me her iPhone to complete a difficult level she has problem with, in the new Saint Patrick's Day of Angry Birds Seasons! Damn, i didn't even know there's an update!

Being Asian, i admit the significance of St Patrick's Day is totally lost on me! I only remember tall gentleman hats and that green is the "in" colour with the arrival of this Irish holiday on 17 March every year.

Within a day after updating the iPhone app, i have painfully completed all the levels, sacrificing much needed sleep! Technology isn't necessarily a good thing..

Well, completion of the levels is nothing to scream of.

The competitive streak within Cavin can only be satisfied with the attainment of three stars for total destruction!

The unlocking of the special level: reserved only for those who are 'diligent' enough.

For those (with reference to Ms Hannah Lim) who are satisfied with the free trial - please pay for the full version!

The US$0.99 is really worth it with updates (new festivals, new levels) every few months! Well, worth is subjective since it comes at the expense of your sleep, family time, and in my case, blogging time!

Did i mention i have just purchased Angry Birds Rio?

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