Saturday, July 17, 2021

Pandan Butterfly Bun in Tai Wah Cooked Food @ Chinatown Complex Hawker Centre [Singapore] #chinatowncomplexhawkercentre

The problem when you have favorite hawker stalls is that you resist trying new stalls. But it was Saturday when I dropped by Chinatown Complex Hawker Centre and it's the rest day for Kazan Japanese Cuisine

I took the "opportunity" to check out other stalls and one of them was Tai Wah Cooked Food. It's not something I would commonly try as the products sold are full of carbohydrates; nemesis for my carbo-restricted diet.

But, something green caught my attention when I walked past the stall's glass display counter. Pandan butterfly bun? Frankly, I do crave for butterfly buns sometimes although I am still quite apprehensive when it comes to trying new stalls. The one that served the best butterfly bun is Kim Soon @ Kovan Hawker Centre.

However, it's the first time I am seeing pandan buttlerfly buns and I can't resist, despite the full stomach. One piece at S$0.70; you can mix and match with other stuff (except for tau suan) for 3 for S$2.00.

Honestly, this would have been nicer if it was served right out from the boiling oil or after a light toast in the airfryer / oven. Texture was stretchy even though I love the crunchy sesame seeds dotted on one side of the buns. The pandan (which contributed to the greenness) flavour was faint, to the extent of being non-existent. 

p.s. I am quite interested in their Chinese fritters (youtiao) and tau suan (split mung bean dessert); shall give it a try next time, on an empty stomach. 


Block 335, Smith Street, #02-115,
Chinatown Complex Food Centre,
Singapore 050335

Pandan Butterfly Bun - S$0.70 each

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