Friday, April 17, 2020

Jiak by Jin Feng (金峰) - Famous Lu Rou Fan from Taiwan @ Yishun Northpoint City Mall [Singapore] #jinfengluroufan #northpointcitymall #yishunrocks

Staying near Northpoint City Mall has many advantages and one of them was the wide variety of meal options which makes it easier for me to order for takeaways amidst the COVID-19 "circuit breaker" period.

One of the latest food tenants is Jiak and although  jiak simply means "eat" in the Hokkien dialect; this takeaway kiosk has a strong backing from Jin Feng (金峰) which is said to sell the best lu rou fan (braised pork rice) in Taipei. 

I actually tried it before at its home base in Taipei and it didn't leave a great impression. To be honest, i prefer the more savoury lu rou fan from its main competitor; Formosa Chang Lu Rou Fan (also known as Hu Xu Zhang). The verdict is still out as my taste buds could be different after 6 years! 

Prices are expected to be higher in Singapore (like many other overseas imports) but you get slices of pickled cucumber, half a braised egg and slightly larger portion. 

For takeaway of course as it is now a crime to eat outside; no thanks to the coronavirus which has forced all Singaporeans to dine at home unless you are working for essential services like hospital, delivery etc. 

Rarely do we consumers get actual food that looks better than the picture featured on the menu! Okay, i admit there's a bit of the visual illusion there as the meat was just laid on a bed of rice. Nonetheless, did you notice those thick strings of pork fat?!?!? It's the signature style for Taiwanese lu rou fan even though the one in Singapore appeared to have more meat than fats! 

Every mouthful is blissful, especially when it was mixed in with the sinful pork fats. While it wasn't as sweet as the Singapore's version (which i like), the consolation is that it doesn't have that strong, braised stench that's pretty common in Taiwan. Do i like it? I enjoy it much better than i did in 2014 and in fact; this was already my 5th or 6th order so far! 

On the latest order, i requested to top up with their seasonal vegetables; it's an excuse for me to feel less guilty. Two words; don't bother as it's bland and has no contribution towards the overall taste. Cucumber is a better option as it gives that addictive, pickled punch.

Whatever the case, i don't believe in wasting food.


1 Northpoint Drive, Northpoint City, 
#B2-147, Singapore 768019

As above.

Lu Rou Fan (Large) - S$5.90
Add Vegetables - S$1.00

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