Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jinfeng Braised Pork Rice (金峰卤肉饭) @ 10 Roosevelt Road Section 1 [Near Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall MRT Station]

I still remember my second night at Taipei; it was late and we opted to take a cab back from Shida night market. The cab driver drove past this restaurant known as Jinfeng and i started telling Alex it was recommended by the Great Kon as one of the better places in Taipei for braised pork rice. 

Before i could even end my conversation, the bubbly driver began to tell us Jinfeng's luroufan was his favourite and he made it a point to visit at least once a month! It's amazing how the mention of food can transform a supposedly quiet man into such a talkative person! 

Anyway, my interest was piqued and despite my reservations for luroufan (frankly, i had it a few times in Taiwan; none of which really blew me away), we decided to check it out.

Appearance was an absolute draw with traces of braised meat and glistening pork fats enticing me to quickly force the entire content into my stomach in case someone took a fancy and snatched it away! 

The outlook can only do so much; the taste wasn't as savoury as Huxuzhang and although acceptable, i still left feeling unimpressed with the luroufan i had in Taiwan. 

I could not think of any good reason why i am the oddball out of my many friends who totally enjoyed the braised pork rice in Taiwan except for one; mom's braised pork dish must be quite epic then! 


10 Roosevelt Road Section 1, Taipei
[Near Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall MRT Station]

As above

Medium Luroufan - NT$40

As above

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