Monday, April 21, 2014

Formosa Chang Lu Rou Fan (also known as Hu Xu Zhang) 鬍鬚張魯肉飯 @ Wufenpu (五分埔), Taipei, Taiwan

One of the must-eats in Taiwan, i heard, is luroufan (otherwise known as braised pork rice) and the Singapore veteran who has tried many reputable stalls / restaurants in Taiwan is actually our Mr Kon! 

I don't share his diehard conviction although i did ask him to share a few notable ones to prove that i did visit Taiwan. Formosa Chang isn't top on his list but given its fame among overseas visitors on the online realm, he suggested giving it a try. 

There were many items on the menu; didn't help that we had a few servings of smelly tofu before this and we could not bear to see any more food! In a way, i am thankful the portion for Taiwan's luroufan is never big to begin with and i could mentally count it as a sampler. 

Literally meatless and totally fattening!! Now i know why a facebook friend, Frederick, commented on my post for a luroufan i had in Singapore as unauthentic as he remembered it quite differently! 

Nevertheless, even i am surprised that such a sinful dish didn't manage to impress my taste buds. Weirdly, i found the overall meat taste to have a savouriness similar to bak zhang when i was expecting it to be flavoured like kong bak (扣肉)! 

Sauce was tasty (again, not on the level of kong bak) and sufficient enough to moisturise the rice for added palatability.  


533, Youji Road, Taipei

As above (very near to Houshanpi MRT Station). Travellers might want to consider giving Huxuzhang a try before popping by Wufenpi (the wholesale shopping district) to digest the food. 

Luroufan - NT$33

Additional Information
Should you happen to like huxuzhang luroufan a lot, you can consider buying these take-away packets and give them away as souvenirs to friends. It doesn't come cheap (at least NT$165) even though i believe the portion seems good enough for a few persons. 

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