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Naughty Nuri's - Possibly the Best Ribs in the World in Patong @ Phuket [Thailand]

Naughty Nuri's originated from Bali and i was aware of the rave reviews before i made my trip in 2017 but i didn't have time to check it out given that i was only on the Hindu island for 3 nights.

Nevertheless, i got my chance in Phuket as there's a branch in Patong; the area we stayed at! Even though it was still quite a walk away from Swissotel Resort (Patong Beach); i was adamant on having a piece of the "probably the best ribs in the world" on our last night in Phuket.

By the way, the ribs are pork ribs and the restaurant's iconic animal is none other than the pig! Hence, do note that it's not Halal food even though there were a few branches in Malaysia; a Muslim-majority country.

Don't you just love the message on the tee-shirt?! Pity there were only white tees available. Anyway, Naughty Nuri's ribs were hot on the popularity chart with only 2 million sold worldwide!

An adorable pig doing the traditional Thai "wai".

Those looking for air-conditioning should note that there wasn't any such option even though it wasn't as hot as expected given the tall ceiling and available fans. Most people were also in tee-shirts and bermudas; typical attire in Phuket actually.

Strange that we were having Balinese food in Phuket! Further, it's not that we were incredibly hungry too as we already had dinner at SeaStars Andaman as part of our package to Similan Islands; hence, i was surprised i ordered the following for just three persons!

Nuri's Punch - available in glass or jar, my recommendation is to order this immediately and get the jar as you might love it that much; you would order a second jar shortly, as we did.

The drink was refreshingly good; sweet, sour, minty with just a touch of saltiness! Anyway has the recipe to share?! If you prefer action (dancing by the staff to loud music right at your table), please consider the signature colada!

Balinese Golden Crispy Chicken Wings - it was crispy alright although the meat lacked the memorable marination and seasoning that often impressed upon diners. I might as well go with the much cheaper chicken wings at Star Hup Lee Nasi Lemak in Singapore instead.

Mee Goreng - at almost S$10 a plate, this is one expensive mee goreng since a good one in Indonesia usually doesn't cost beyond S$3.00. To be fair, it had a serving of roast pork and even the noodles were stir-fried with strips of pork belly. Sadly, it was a bit bland and i had to make use of the sweet dip from the signature spare ribs to enhance the flavour.

Wah Tusuk Babi - well, i know babi stands for pork and from the look of it, it was quite similar to pork satay; albeit of a more generous portion.

Taste wise, it didn't disappoint with the use of pork belly (reminded me of Kwong Satay in Geylang); smacked of desirable smoky flavour, it was fatty, juicy and featured a lightly charred surface!  Throw the stick in the sweet, spicy dip for that extra oomph!

Naughty Nuri's 1995 Signature BBQ Spare Ribs - finally, the famous pork ribs that i heard so much about!

Its claim of being "probably the best ribs in the world" was frankly legit in my opinion as i don't even i ever had ribs so delicious and tender; to the extent i would love to lick the meat sauce off the bones! The meat easily slipped off the bones and the marinate wasn't cloyingly sweet with a fragrant aftertaste that proved to be addictive!

Food coma, literally, after the meal. I was so taken aback by the ribs that i took the effort to check out its branch in Johor Bahru in nearby Malaysia. Unfortunately, the standard wasn't comparable to this outlet in Phuket! Hm... now, i wonder if the one in Bali is even better... maybe i should revisit Bali soon.


122 Thanon Ratuthit Songroipi Rd,
Tambon Patong, Amphoe Kathu,
Chang Wat Phuket 83150, Thailand


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Nuri's Punch (Jar) - 195 baht
Balinese Golden Crispy Chicken Wings - 250 baht
Mee Goreng - 230 baht
Wah Tusuk Babi - 200 baht
Naughty Nuri's 1995 Signature BBQ Spare Ribs - 550 baht
(Subject to Service Charge and VAT)

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