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Review of 4-Star Swissotel Resort (Patong Beach) - Premier Room @ Phuket [Thailand]

The patong district in Phuket is known to be the most happening on the island and there are plenty of accommodations from 1 to 5 stars for us to choose from for our trip earlier this year.

My decision to go with the 4-Star Swissotel Resort (Patong Beach) relied on two factors; the proximity to nearby shopping and dining areas yet the need to ensure the place would be peaceful enough without the noisy rackets from drunkards and revelers!

Swissotel Resort (Patong Beach) obviously meets my requirements and it's a bonus to have the architecture exuding an elegant classiness typical of colonial buildings.

A chandelier-inspired bar shelf would draw your attention when you step into the resort; known simply as Dbar, i couldn't help looking at it and take a few photographs whenever i walked past.

Strangely placed elevators - a pain in the ass when you suck in guessing which lift would be stopping at your floor and you keep missing it! Thankfully, we were assigned to a room on the second floor and there were a few times we took the stairs instead.

Digital advertisement in the lift for hoegarden rosee at the resident pub; The Drunken Leprechaun. As i just had the same beer over the weekend at Clarke Quay, i thought the pricing at Swissotel was a bit high at almost S$16 for one pint.

Cracks on the lift lobby tiles; with 383 rooms, i couldn't find information on when it was built although on, it was indicated that the last renovation was in 2014.

Our room - 249.

Corridor wasn't the dimly lit kind and as our room was right across the resort's spa, the setting felt rather welcoming. Either the room was sound-proof or business at the spa wasn't good; we actually didn't hear any noise in our five days of stay.

Stepping in!

Twin beds that seemed larger than the typical single bed. Alex, who decided to join after i made a reservation for the resort, managed to squeeze in with me on one bed and it was actually not much of a squeeze.

The usual stuff in a hotel; at 32 square meters, the premier room was comfortable and came with a work desk, 40-inch television, bottled water etc.

Not much of a scenery as we were too 'low' and in front of us was Holiday Inn Resort Phuket which was also a consideration for me as the reviews were good. Too bad only the expensive rooms were available when i wanted to book.

Free voucher for drinks at Dbar! Stupid me forgot to utilize it and it's such a waste considering that my dad doesn't drink and i could technically have two drinks to myself!

Washroom with rainfall shower. After my Hokkaido trip, i honestly think that the functional features of the Japanese accommodations suit me a lot better even though they don't fare as well where spaciousness is concerned.

Gymnasium - decently sized and housed within the Flavours restaurant, the fitness centre was seldom crowded and i guess it has to do with its location; even i was tempted to just give up the exercising and indulge in the food instead. Luckily we didn't opt for the hotel breakfast!

If hunger got to me, i would just have to down a few cups of water from the dispenser and worse come to worse; have a green apple to curb the temptation.

House rules for the use of the gym.

3rd floor consisted of a swimming pool and the kids world. Swissotel Resort (Patong Beach) markets itself as a family resort and parents who need to let their hair down for a few hours after sunset can consider this stay late at kids world option!

Activities and programmes as above for your viewing pleasure; those with asterisks mean there's a separate charge. Darn, i should have gone for the free thai language lessons on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays between 2 and 3pm!

Water paddle boat for 200 baht for 15 minutes; not that worth it in my opinion even though i would likely consider it if i have kids.

Kids World - still closed when i took the picture before we checked out of the resort. Well, you can still check out some basic information from the resort's website here

The swimming pool; in the past, i would have wondered about the need for a swimming pool when the beach is just two hundred meters away. Now that i have niece and nephew; having a swimming pool appears much safer and way more contained than a beach.

You can even have a drink at the pool bar without the fear you would get overly intoxicated and drown to your death. Okay, that's still a possibility but i guess the risk would not be as high as compared to a beach right?

Cascading water down to the second level; please be assured that there was a barricade and your kids wouldn't unwittingly fall to the second level unless they choose to climb over the barricade.

Jacuzzi and wading pools on the connected second floor.

You can even walk into the gym on the first floor if you continue to take the stairs! However, i did realize the doors were locked. Guess your best option is still to cut across the restaurant that induced a craving for food!

7th floor - the top level of  Swissotel Resort (Patong Beach).

Swiss Lounge - serving all day canapes, its access is presumably reserved to those staying in the most expensive 87-square-meter Swiss Signature suites!

An access path caught my attention.

Woah, a super nice rooftop arena known as On Top with day beds and palm trees! This would be a great place to chill out with friends over a bottle of wine at night!

Pictures of the surroundings for your reference. The cushions were not placed properly as the place was still closed and would only open about two hours later.

View of the swimming pool on the 3rd floor from the 7th floor.

I was about to leave when i saw another set of staircase on the side; should i explore or should i not as our transport to the airport would come in less than 30 minutes and i still had to tidy up my stuff.  Oh heck, just a few minutes wouldn't die!

Double woah; another pool and this time on the rooftop! This angle faced the west which means you would be granted a beautiful sunset so long there isn't too many people in this relatively small area. Otherwise, just pop over to the nearby Patong Beach.


48/1 Ruamchai Rd, Tambon Patong,
Amphoe Kathu, Chang Wat Phuket 83150,

Location Map
As above.


Premier Room - S$134.90 a night via
(inclusive of taxes)

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