Saturday, October 06, 2018

Underneath the Big Buddha - Unfinished Work @ Phuket [Thailand]

I shall leave the post on Phuket Big Buddha to another day as there are a lot more photos for the island's iconic landmark that was built in 2004. Today, we shall focus on the inside of the Big Buddha.

Stepping in, i was somewhat taken aback by the cement flooring as i was under the impression that the Big Buddha has been built (and completed) more than a decade ago. 

More of the unfinished inside; exposed beams, incomplete marble-tiled pillars. 

One section was covered by laminated flooring, with signs asking visitors to remove their shoes. Frankly, you wouldn't have thought you are within the Big Buddha; looked more like shrine / altars in an abandoned building.

Statues enshrined within; if mom was with us, she would likely buy incense sticks as offerings. Pity dad and i were not as pious whereas Alex is an agnostic.

Three-headed elephant statues; known as Erawan, its best representation so far came from Erawan Museum in Samut Prakan Province, near Bangkok.  

I noticed these knots all over the place underneath the Big Buddha; not sure what their purpose is except as an irritation to visitors who keep hitting onto the knots! 

At the back were two towering statues, in the midst of construction materials and with metal wires sprouting out of their heads. 

Their perspective in comparison to the Big Buddha which was adorned with white Burmese jade marble; the former appeared worn out with weather stains. 

Devotees continued to place coins at their feet though. p.s. it's supposed to be good luck. 

A counter outside explained why the inside of the Big Buddha was still very much in construction phase; a donation drive for visitors to buy the decorative marble tiles! Small ones cost 300 baht whereas a large one would pull you back at 1,000 baht.

You may write your name / note on the back of the tile. Judging from the size of each tile, i am wondering how many millions would be needed; not to also mention, lucrative for the temple. 

Hopefully the place would be better decked out in the future when i revisit! 


Within Big Buddha,
Phuket, Thailand

What else did i do in Phuket

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